Innovation with experience

Leaders in Elastic Manufacturing.

Our products offer a wide range of solutions for cargo transport and the Agro sector, as a result of joint teamwork with our clients, aiming at the optimization of processes, a reduction in costs and of the environmental impact of our manufacturing products.

The lifelong development of our products positions us at the forefront of the industry. A task which is certainly possible by ensuring that innovation and creation cycles are shorter and more efficient each day.


Our main goal is to be known as a leading regional company which provides solutions for suspensions for transportation and agricultural implements.

Our mission is to design, manufacture and commercialise to our customers offering components for suspension systems used in transportation and agricultural implements, by being leaders in innovation and quality as well as offering effective management of our internal processes.

Tn of steel processed per year
manufactured products per year
Tn of recycled steel together with our value chain.

Global Vision

We have developed our products within a global vision for more than 30 years and this fact positions us as a highly competitive market option for rendering quality, good services and competitive prices in more than 10 countries.