Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

Quality Policy

In 1997, General Management defined a quality policy, which had with effort and dedication to this day. In the same prioritize the prestige of our products and the importance of fully satisfy our customers..

ISO Standards Certification

Since 1994 we assure our Quality Management under ISO 9002:94, later in 2003 ISO 9001:00. We are committed to maintain our Quality System certified as a tool that drives our organization towards continuous improvement. Our latest certification has been the upgrade to ISO 9001:2015 in June 8th 2017.


To ensure the quality of our products, we conduct several tests of behavior and maintain control of key processes.

Fatigue Testing
To understand the elastic behavior under oscillating load situation emulating the movement of the vehicle. In order to know the number of cycles that can withstand the elastic before passing the breaking point.

Load Testing
Consists of subjecting the elastic under a static load, in order to verify that it meets the design specifications.

Planta FAESAOperario FAESA

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ISO 9001

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